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IBM Cyber Range Experience with Telefónica Tech

26 May 2022


Cyber Response Experience

Prepare for your company's worst day.

Tabletop exercises and dusty runbooks often help in a crisis. Cyber incidents need a coordinated business wide response: from security operations teams, the C-suite & boardroom, business units, HR and PR, to name a few. They all need the skills, reflexes and guidance to act with confidence in fluid and confusing situations.

Join us for a non-technical but immersive experience that places you in control of a multi-cloud organisation that is on the verge of experiencing a significant cyberattack. This simulated breach experience will help you gain a greater understanding of best practices and tactics for responding to ransomware, the importance of implementing a well practiced response plan and the leadership skills required to deal with the advanced threats we face today.

The IBM Security Command Center puts your teams to the test, through mental, emotional and stress challenges, preparing for your organisations worst day.

This is a 2.5 hour instructor led session incorporating:
- live-action exercises
- best practice discussions
- case studies on past attacks and
- insights on cyber criminal behaviour

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IBM will host this event alongside Telefónica Tech Cyber Representatives

This session will be attended by multiple organisations and will be a great opportunity for you to learn from and share knowledge with your peers in the industry.




Guy Longmore

Written by Guy Longmore


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14 June 2022




IBM London, 20 York Road, London, SE1 7ND

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