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Cloud Contact Centres - Adapting to Hybrid Working

10 Aug 2021


In this video, our Head of Product Management, Colin Riddle joins Thomas John, VP EMEA Channels for Five9 to discuss how cloud contact centres are helping organisations adapt to the new normal of hybrid working. They also explore how gamification can keep contact centre agents highly motivated, even when they are no longer in the same physical space.


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Adapting Customer Service to Hybrid Working

A conversation with Telefónica Tech and Five9

Watch Time: 20 minutes

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When remote working became a necessity rather than a nice to have, many organisations struggled to maintain their normal service levels and adapt traditional contact centres to hybrid working. At Telefónica Tech and Five9, we have helped customers overcome these pain points with feature-rich, cloud contact centres.


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Great Service, From Anywhere

Colin and Thomas discuss how organisations who have already embraced cloud-based contact centres are now reaping the rewards. Regardless of where agents are physically based, Unified Communications Contact Centres in the cloud make it easy for organisations to maintain availability and for customers to receive service with minimal waits through the channel of their choice. With hybrid working set to continue, those organisations with hard-to-adapt legacy contact centres are likely to struggle to meet the higher service levels customers now expect.


Engaging Remote Teams

In the second part of the discussion, Colin and Thomas discuss how to maintain social engagement between agents regardless of whether they are in their kitchens, in their study or in the office. Using gamification is one way to successfully close the gap they argue. For example, offering the opportunity to rack up points for good service, and trade them in for rewards such as extra days off is helping to drive employee engagement.


“Put simply, happy agents offer good customer care,” says Colin, “And these kinds of tactics are proving especially popular with younger workers, gamifying the working world is creating culture younger employees are more likely to engage with.” This in turn, is leading to higher staff retention rates – a not insignificant factor, as headcount represents the biggest cost in any contact centre.


Cloud Contact Centres - Adapting to Hybrid Working 

Key Points Summary


1. Customer service expectations have never been higher – customers expect the same fast, interactive experience they have with their own consumer technology. Equally, it has never been easier to share tales of poor service online and on social media.


2. Contact Centres in the cloud can improve the customer experience - with the ability to quickly scale service up or down, Contact Centres can better adapt to customer demand and with feature-rich gamification tools, keep distributed employees better engaged.


3. A doorway to workplace automation - with minimal effort cloud-based Contact Centres can be linked to existing CRM systems, as well as plug into additional functionality, such as web chats and AI. This, in turn, can open the door to workforce automation – all while still retaining the all-important human touch offered by customer service agents.



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