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AI Accelerated, Intelligently

20 Apr 2021


Organisations that harness artificial intelligence are using it to drive value, embed agility and even generate more revenue, faster than ever before.




We live in a world where artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly become a mainstay in society, business and government. In industry, AI’s capability and problem-solving agility has helped global retailers keep stores stocked, introduced contactless checkouts, improved customer experiences, and refined cost efficiencies across multiple, challenging sectors.  AI is fast establishing itself as the technology that transforms and redefines industries.

In the past year all the rules for business have been rewritten. Almost every sector was forced to engineer faster value to market and innovate to survive, let alone thrive. For AI it was the cue to step out of science fiction and into real business, providing tangible support and measurable results.

In the financial, agricultural, industrial, manufacturing, technology and telecoms sectors intelligence is automating, problem-solving, and disrupting new paths to revenue—at speed.


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Now with technology functioning by learning almost like the human brain, the right AI strategy, process and infrastructural technology can catapult your business to success:

  • By automating and optimising mundane processes and rote tasks—your company can save money while increasing the quality and quantity of output.
  • As machines do the dull, repetitive work, humans can be reskilled and retrained to focus on core areas like customer service and human resources.
  • By creating an insights-first company and understanding how to gather, store and use data, organisations can go from responsive to predictive, more inventive and collaborative.
  • Implementing AI helps make better decisions faster, based on insights from cognitive technologies.


For both customers and employees or teams, brands can use exacting insight to predict preferences and shape experiences.

Understanding how to derive value from data can increase leads, maximise sales opportunities, and enable more personalised support to both customers and teams, the two constituents at the core of business success.



Now that analytics is a driving force for innovation, intelligence has become a valuable currency in the global economy. The adoption of AI enables organisations to transform data into insights, and to move from being reactive to being predictive. This is a distinct advantage, but organisations still struggle to harness AI’s ground-breaking capabilities.

The reason for this, according to 2020 MIT SMR Connections survey, is that AI projects impact organisations by asking more of leadership and by stretching teams and employees. To achieve success, AI demands greater collaboration, a reduction of frictions, and the destruction of silo-like structures that inhibit progress.

But there is a shortcut to success. By working with strategic technology and consulting partners, pioneering businesses are turning AI into a revenue generator. This success comes from having in place the right IT foundation.

To succeed IT leaders must re-evaluate foundational technology choices to ensure the organisation has the intelligent infrastructure it needs to roll out, rather than hinder, machine intelligence.


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A study by MIT Sloan University and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) offers clear insights that map out a path to AI success. This is what the winners do differently, according to the research:

  • Put revenue growth ahead of cost reduction when taking on large, risky projects.
  • “Align the production of AI with the consumption of AI, through thoughtful alignment of business owners, process owners, and AI expertise to ensure that they adopt AI solutions effectively and pervasively.”
  • Unify broad business transformation with AI initiatives.
  • Invest not just in the technology, but in the talent, process change and data that underpins this.
  • The winners recognise AI not just as technology, but as a process of innovation.



Telefónica Tech recommends bringing in experts who can help guide AI adoption, and enable the building of infrastructure that speeds up, rather than hinders, the success of this intelligence.

Together, expert teams can collaborate to build a road map to success, which includes:

  • Establishing a qualified AI architecture
  • Ensuring seamless scalability to handle diverse workloads
  • Ramping up the development cycle for faster time-to-insight
  • Accelerating AI applications to outpace the competition.



To speed up the value of AI, Telefónica Tech together with HPE and NVIDIA® offer next-generation technologies and expert guidance to streamline the most complex and demanding phases of AI workflows.

Together, the partnership can deliver the expertise, process and technology to help organisations—big and small—realise the value of AI faster.

With proven strategies and an industry-leading portfolio of high-performance computing (HPC) solutions, Telefónica Tech provides the robust compute capabilities and durability that AI demands with HPE intelligent infrastructure. Backed by the processing power of NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs), enterprises can now execute increasingly dense workloads at breakneck speed. The result is speed to insight, revenue and results.

You don’t have to go it alone. Book an AI workshop to discover your best options, define your workstreams and produce and produce a project roadmap for AI in your organisation.

There are many options open to organisations in terms of scaling your project. For example, NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) software provides easy-to-deploy AI frameworks that are hybrid cloud-enabled, so administration and processing can be handed off to servers in the cloud. Larger projects can be undertaken using this technology, as short periods where extra resources are needed can be provided on a pay-per-use model.


It’s time to put pedal to the metal with Telefónica Tech, to make AI and IT the rapid driver of business success.


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